High quality greases, oils and fluids for increased performance of your motorcycle. 



Hydraulic fluid for telescopic motorcycles forks, with a viscosity suitable for the climatic conditions of Brazil.



  • Provides for constant operation of the damper in a wide temperature range
  • Can be used on road, for competitions and off road
  • Has great internal flow
  • Absorbs shocks more efficiently
  • Protects the retainers against wear and increases working life
  • In a red colour for easy location of leaks
  • The only fluid recommended by Honda for telescopic forks, inverted, with cartridges or standard


Grease with a high resistance to oxidation and washing by water. Developed for general lubrication of motorcycles.



  • Prevents run off
  • Remains in working condition for longer
  • Superior protection for operations of extreme severity
  • Suitable for a wide range of speeds, loads and temperatures




Fluid for hydraulic breaking systems with superior performance at high velocities and temperatures.

  • The only fluid recommended by Honda for its imported motorcycles or those produced in Brazil

  • For use with disk and drum brakes

  • Offers high oxidation resistance



Oil lubrication for chains that repels water and humidity, preventing the accumulation of dust and impurities.



  • Lubrication for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and transmissions in general
  • Developed from the SAE 90 formulation, for high performance gears
  • Protects in extreme conditions, with great adhesion even at high speeds
  • Has a penetration action and protects the links against corrosion and wear
  • Withstands heavy loads and high temperatures

Infilrex 3324 is an enhanced mineral oil with anti-wear, anti-foaming and anti-corrosion characteristics recommended for use in motorcycle shock absorbers. Infilrex 3324 offers excellent corrosion protection for mechanical components, a low minimum flow point, high viscosity stability even when subjected to large temperature variations as well as good resistance to foaming for shock absorbers.

  • Enables a reduction of maintenance costs
  • Excellent performance at low and high temperatures
  • Extends the work life of shock absorbers
  • Infilrex 3324 is the fluid for motorcycle shock absorbers, specially developed to meet the requirements of Showa shock absorbers