Avoid car damage caused by the sea air

Drivers on the Brazilian coast are already used to the fine salt spray that comes from the sea. The famous ‘sea air’ is the arch enemy of vehicles, as its causes corrosion of metal objects, and can even rust the automobile’s bodywork. There is some advice to avoid problems: after the period at the beach, check the battery terminals, electrical connectors, air filters and lubrication equipment are free from water and sand.


While staying at the coast, try parking our car at a covered and closed location at nighttime. If staying at the beach for more than 15 days, send your car to be specially washed. The residue of sand and salt may break the shock absorber caps and compromise the performance of the vehicle suspension. Therefore, maintenance of the steering box and shock absorbers is always important.     


Leaks of chemicals, liquid or pasty food, and mud top the list of things most responsible for dirt. 

A sign that a problem exists in the camber is irregular wear of the tires.