Mobil Super Sintético H 0W-20


The most modern lubricant with viscosity 0W-20 especially recommended for Honda (since 2013), GM and Fiat (from 2017) cars.


  • Helps to extend the engine life
  • Helps to control oil consumption and loss
  • Meets or exceeds the latest requirements of the automotive industry
  • Excellent protection against wear to vehicles of any type and age
  • Great protection in high temperatures helping to keep the engines cool
  • API SN Resource Conserving

Mobil Super Sintético 0W-20 is recommended for gasoline cars that require oil viscosity SAE 0W-20. Mobil Super Sintético 0W-20 was designed to extend engine life and provide excellent protection for all generations vehicles.


Mobil Super Sintético 0W-20 provides excellent protection against the formation of deposits and engine rust and corrosion under severe conditions and in low temperatures, besides having great viscosity and fluidity for operation in a wide range of temperatures.


Meets or Exceeds:

API SN, SM, SL, SJ, API SN Resource Conserving