Mobil Super Semi Sintético 15W-40



Semi-synthetic oil with a balanced formula that provides exceptional cleaning quality for the most important parts of the engine, protecting against wear and tear caused by the build-up of deposits and sludge. Its full protection against oxidation, increases the durability of the oil and in turn guarantying a good performance until the next oil change.



  • Recommended for gasoline, ethanol and GNV vehicles
  • Excellent protection against wear and tear
  • A high level of performance against oxidation
  • Less consumption of lubricant
Mobil Super Semi Sintético 15W-40

Mobil Super Semi Sintético 15W-40 aids in keeping your engine functioning in a clean and effective way. It protects your engine through a combination of high quality minerals and synthetic oils and through the use of high performing additives that are used.


It helps to keep your engine completely clean through preventing against the build-up of varnish, deposits and harmful sediments in addition to combating wear and tear and corrosion even in the most varied of driving conditions.


Mobil Super Semi Sintético 15W-400 is an excellent choice for passenger cars, vans, merchandise vans and light commercial vehicles when the vehicle's manufacturer recommendations are always followed. Always check your vehicle's owner manual.


It meets or exceeds: API SN


* Information from internal analysis at Cosan Lubricants.