Mobil Super


Cleaner engines in gasoline or flex-fuel vehicles, with less wear and greater yield.   



The most modern lubricant with viscosity 0W-20 especially recommended for Honda (since 2013), GM and Fiat (from 2017) cars.

  • Helps to extend the engine life
  • Helps to control oil consumption and loss
  • Meets or exceeds the latest requirements of the automotive industry
  • Excellent protection against wear to vehicles of any type and age
  • Great protection in high temperatures helping to keep the engines cool
  • API SN Resource Conserving


The first 100% synthetic lubricant from Brazil with the API SN classification. 



  • Exceptional anit-wear protection
  • Excellent engine cleansing
  • Great protection at high and low temperatures
Mobil Super™ 5W-40 Sintético V is a 100% synthetic oil that provides greater engine life for different types and ages of vehicles through its excellent protection and performance in their driving conditions.


  • Exceptional protection in the high engine operating temperatures;
  • Protection at the time of cold starts;
  • Exceptional cleanliness and prevention of the formation of sludge and deposits;
  • Exceptional protection against wear.


100% Synthetic oil that helps extend engine life and reduce oil consumption.



  • Exceptional protection in all operating conditions
  • May be used in new or older vehicles
  • Prevents the formation of sludge and rust
100% synthetic high performance oil developed for Pickups, SUVs and Vans. 




  • Excellent fluidity that facilitates rapid oil circulation on startup
  • Superior protection under all operating conditions
  • Prevents formation of sludge and deposits 


Semisynthetic oil specially formulated to guarantee greater economy: fuel consumption reduced by up to 4%*.

  • Lower emission levels
  • Protects the catalytic converter
  • Advanced technlogy 


Totally synthetic oil which provides a longer useful life for several engine types and ages offering greater protection in the varied operating conditions.


Mobil Super™ 5W-20 Sintético provides excellent protection against the formation of deposits, rust and corrosion of the engine in severe operating conditions and at low temperatures and furnishes excellent viscosity and fluidity for operation in a wide temperature range.



  • Better protection at high temperatures;
  • Improved performance in the engine cold start;
  • Improvement in the cleaning and prevention of sediment in the engine;
  • Excellent anti-wear protection; Aids in controlling oil consumption;
  • Longer periods of operating at high temperatures (up to 204ºC) without the thickening of the oil by oxidation;


Semisynthetic oil that provides high protection especially formulated for Flex vehicles.



  • Helps to maintain a clean engine
  • Fluidity at low temperatures for protection at start up.


Semi-synthetic oil with a balanced formula that provides exceptional cleaning quality for the most important parts of the engine, protecting against wear and tear caused by the build-up of deposits and sludge. Its full protection against oxidation, increases the durability of the oil and in turn guarantying a good performance until the next oil change.



  • Recommended for gasoline, ethanol and GNV vehicles
  • Excellent protection against wear and tear
  • A high level of performance against oxidation
  • Less consumption of lubricant


Multi-viscosity premium oil for passenger motor vehicles, specially formulated for protection under severe conditions.



  • Protects against wear under urban traffic conditions and high ambient temperatures
  • Low oil consumption and high thermal stability