Rubinho explains the choice of the right lubricant to races


Rubinho explains the choice of the right lubricant to races


Making a good season is not a simple mission for race drivers. With sophisticated technologies, they need even more technical knowledge and to be intent on car and engines specifics. Considering this question, the lubricant use is extremely important to improve the power and do not compromise the engine health short-term. Rubens Barrichello - Mobil brand ambassador - knows it well.


The driver with the highest number of races in Formula 1 history, more than 300 GPs, and who competes in Stock Car since 2012, ensures that you can't ignore anything in relation to the car proper functioning, and the choice of the lubricant oil is fundamental for a good performance.


“It is necessary that the lubricant meets the automaker’s specific features and vehicles technical attributes. The misuse can harm the functioning of the system as a whole. Therefore, I have the duty to know each particularity of my vehicle, to even prevent eventual expenses in the engine repair, caused by the wrong choice of the oil”, he explains.


Barrichello also affirms that the lubricant recommended for the manufacturer is always the best choice. The line Super Mobil has the endorsement of the main automakers of the country and of Car Stock, and it guarantees super protection and high performance to engines, essential attributes to compete for all the automotive competitions.


Mobil Super Full Time's driver has still clarified doubts and myths about the use of lubricants.  " You should not mix different types of lubricants. But, in this case, the consumer must go to a specialized oil exchange center, to remove all this mixture and to complete with the correct lubricant”, explains.


“The use of additives is also not indicated, therefore it can form sludge in the engine. The lubricant that we use has a balanced formularization developed to supply 100% of car engine's necessities. This formularization already contains additive, that means that it is not necessary to add more”.


The different lubricants

Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils increase engine efficiency, pollute less, last longer and provide a lower fuel consumption. In addition, they provide higher heat resistance, lower volatility and wear at the time of the start. Because of being more effective and advanced, and obtained by molecules chemical synthesis they become more stable than mineral oils. These ones are derived directly from petroleum and serve well to conventional engines.


About Mobil Super

Mobil Super is the lubricant line that features high technology and provides a great protection for different types of vehicles. The family is composed of 12 products, including synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils, which provide high performance to the car.  The products are approved by the major automakers in Brazil and serve all types of cars and fuels offering economy, efficiency, and protection.



About Mobil

The brand Mobil is licensed for Moove, formerly Cosan Lubrificantes, in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain, and it is recognized worldwide for its leadership in automotive and industrial lubricants of maximum performance. The superior quality and technology of the products generate benefits for the customers - such as bigger efficiency, productivity and reliability, under the direction of a highly enabled technical team.

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