Mobil Super Moto participates in Salão Duas Rodas 2017


Mobil Super Moto participates in Salão Duas Rodas 2017



Reference in the production of lubricants for motorcycles, Mobil Super Moto™ participates in the most expected event, the Salão Duas Rodas, which will be held on November 14 to 19 at Expo São Paulo (SP) and introduces to the market the main news of the sector. In the occasion, the brand is sponsoring two activities that promise to please the public: test ride Duas Rodas Experience and the radical stunts team Força & Ação.


The Salão Duas Rodas is currently the largest industry event in Latin America, where hundreds of brands of motorcycles, accessories and equipment release their main news.


On the six days of the event, the organization expects to receive 260 thousand people passionate by motorcycles, in 4 thousand hours of experiences, with 500 models of motorcycles exhibited and 400 brands participating. “We are partners of the main automakers of the country, as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Dafra, and we could not be absent in the event”, explains Roberta Maia, Mobil Super Moto Marketing Manager.


“It is an excellent chance to get closer to our customers that, like us, cherish the quality and technology of the products they use”, completes Roberta.


Mobil 1 and Mobil Super lubricants are known on competitions and in the market for presenting an excellent engine protection capacity, reducing wear and rust. They have quality and cutting-edge technology, helping to save fuel and ensuring maximum engine efficiency.



Duas Rodas Experience


The Test Ride Premium of Salão Duas Rodas will be a unique experience, where people will be able to feel the adrenalin of a fast startup, brake testing, driving characteristics, agility and even ergonomics of the models. It is a space especially projected to motorcyclists so they can have an experience with the wanted motorcycles models. The structure includes a track for high CC bikes with an area of more than 6,000 m², a line of 600 m and premium brands, and we expect 3.500 tests during the event.



Team Força & Ação


Sponsored by Mobil for 15 years, the team Força & Ação will be present in Salão Duas Rodas performing the best in radical stunts. Fabio Roil is the founder and organizer of the first team approved by the Brazilian Confederation of Motorcycling. He was inspired by wheeling - a radical urban sport that came up in the 70s, in the United States. Besides him, Caio Pulhas, Stanley Mico, João Kleber e Flávio Mituh are part of the team.


Before the show, Força & Ação carries out some games, prize draws and riding tips. During the show that lasts 1 hour, the audience watches many motorcycle stunts performed on various types of motorcycles, with cinematic explosions, flamethrower, in addition to special and pyrotechnics effects. In the end, the riders make a jump with the CRF 450 X through fire hoops above all the motorcycles. That is the most expected e attraction.


By integrating a high-performance team, the athletes put their motorcycles under severe use, submitting them to the most rigorous quality tests during the numerous shows the team performs throughout Brazil, with starts, driftings, and wheeling. Roil explains that all these stunts force the engine to work on high rotation and under high temperatures, requiring extremely high-quality fuels and lubricants.


"In the context we perform, we need a state-of-the-art lubricant, with technology that protects our engines. Mobil Super Moto 4T MX Authentic 10w30 promotes excellent performance protecting both engines and gears of motorcycles", completes Roil, also known as Dentinho.


"We're on the road with this project for more than 20 years, performing presentations all over the country, and also in Latin America, counting on the support from Mobil, Honda, and other brands. Due to all that baggage, we know how to surprise the audience with innovative stunts on two wheels. In this event we aim to bring to the public an entertainment full of action and adrenaline, presenting the best in extreme stunts" says the founder of the team




Mobil Super Moto at Salão Duas Rodas – Duas Rodas Experience

Date: November 14 to 19, 2017

Time: Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 10pm, Sunday 11am to 7 pm

Place: São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes – Km 1,5 – São Paulo(SP)

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Team Força & Ação

Date: November 14 to 19, 2017

Time: Tuesday, 5pm to 5:45 pm and 8pm to 8:45 pm; Wednesday,5pm to 5:45pm, 7pm to 7:45 pm and 9pm to 9:45 pm; Thursday, 5pm to 5:45 pm and 8pm to 20:45 pm; Friday, 5pm to 5:45 pm and 8pm to 8:45 pm; Saturday, 4pm to 4:45 pm, 18pm to 18:45 pm and 9 pm to 9:45 pm; Sunday, 2pm to 2:45 pm, 4 pm to 4:45 pm and 6pm to 6:45 pm.

Place: São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes – Km 1,5 – São Paulo(SP)

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Mobil, a reference in engine lubricants, is the absolute leader of the motorcycle segment in Brazil. In the country for over 100 years, Mobil was responsible for launching the first oil for motorcycles and, since then, has become a synonymous of innovation, high technology and performance. Currently, more than 80% of motorcycles produced in the Brazilian market leave the factory with Mobil Super Moto technology. Its products have the innovations that protect and enhance vehicles performance, and receive the endorsement of the major manufacturers, being recommended by them to a universe of almost 20 million motorcycles. For more information:


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