Mobil offers the complete care for motorcycles by relaunching the Authentic line of auxiliary products


Mobil offers the complete care for motorcycles by relaunching the Authentic line of auxiliary products


Due all its expertise in the production of high-performance and technology lubricants, Mobil provides a complete family of products to protect the major parts of motorcycles. Besides the lubricant, the Authentic line is composed of Mobil Super Moto Brake Fluid, Mobil Super Moto Fork Oil, Mobil Super Moto Chain Lube and Mobil Super Moto Grease. All of them meet all requirements of the category and provide to the equipment a longer life.

The relaunch of the Authentic line of auxiliary products brings new packaging, modern labels and the same quality in lubrication. "By the news, we want to emphasize to our consumers that, besides the lubricant for the engine, we offer another four important products for motorcycle maintenance, including fluids, greases and oils. Without them, the vehicle may suffer irreparable damage that causes safety or financial losses to the driver. That is the reason why Mobil is the brand that offers a complete care for motorcycles, providing a maintenance costs reduction and an efficient performance." explains Roberta Maia, Mobil Marketing Manager.


Super Moto Brake Fluid is recommended for use in hydraulic systems of drum and disc brakes of motorcycles. It has a high resistance to oxidation, plus exceptional performance and safety during braking. It reduces maintenance cost and protects cylinders, pistons and delivery lines of brake systems.

The only one recommended by Honda.


Mobil Super Moto Fork Oil, the hydraulic fluid to motorcycles bumpers and telescopic forks, carries an additive package with exceptional anti-wear, antifoam and rust inhibitor properties. Its high viscosity stability allows an excellent performance even in cases of large variations of temperature and operating conditions. The red color is crucial for easy location of leaks. It still has good internal drainage and absorbs shocking more efficiently. Indicated for use on roads, off-road or competitions. The only one recommended by Honda.


Mobil Super Moto Chain Lube presents high viscosity. For being in spray, it is easy to use and it generates great adhesion to metal parts, avoiding the accumulation of dust. It has superior protection against wear and excellent penetration in the chains links, lubricating them efficiently. Ideal for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds chains and general transmissions chains.


Mobil Super Moto Grease is designed for general lubrication of motorcycles, and it can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Water resistant, it protects the vehicle for long periods. Contains antioxidant additives and inhibitors of corrosion and extreme pressure. Provides superior protection for extreme severity operations, avoiding components wear.


About Mobil Super Moto Authentic 10W-30

Recommended by Honda, Mobil Super Moto Authentic 10W-30 is a semi-synthetic lubricant for high-performance engines that delivers better power utilization, oxidation resistance, as well as prevents the formation of deposits due to its resistant lubricating film, allowing a longer engine service life. Highly stable to mechanical stress, it keeps the viscosity even under severe conditions of use.



About Mobil
Mobil, a reference in engine lubricants, is the absolute leader of the motorcycle segment in Brazil. Present in the country for over 100 years, Mobil was responsible for launching the first oil for motorcycles and, since then, has become a synonymous with innovation, high technology and performance. Currently, more than 80% of motorcycles produced in the Brazilian market leave the factory with Mobil Super Moto technology. Its products have the innovations that protect and enhance vehicles performance, and receive the endorsement of the major manufacturers, being recommended by them to a universe of almost 20 million motorcycles. For more information:


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