Modernity and excellence in operations define the Moove lubricant grease and oil factory located on the Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Among its various operations, it produces Mobil lubricants destined for the national market and also exports for Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.   


The unit produces more than 1 million barrels of lubricants each year (the equivalent to 160 million liters). There are approximately 400 items of raw materials used in the production and packaging of more than 600 products. Strategically positioned, the factory also counts on its own pier for receiving vessels with up to 20 thousand tons, and has the greatest tankage capacity among all lubricant producers in Brazil. 


With growing investment and a highly trained team, the results in recent years have shown a significant increase in the volume produced and advancement in the availability of products to clients. After all, delighting customers with a differentiated service is the main goal of this team!    


For this enormous and complex “gear” to revolve successfully, the entire process follows high levels of safety, environmental protection, quality, controls and efficiency, in accordance with the international guidelines of the Mobil brand. Achievements are a natural consequence – the factory has had no lost time accidents for the past 16 years.   


An attentive look at the supply of products destined to clients and distributers further reveals another differential of the Moove operations team: the supplier evaluation programs and certification of transporters. Such initiatives, pioneering in the lubricants market, extend the company’s best safety and quality practices to its partners.   


Thanks to the Integrated Operations Management System (SIGO) and focused work on continual improvement, innovation and discipline, Moove is fully certified in ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) and ISO 9001:2008 (Quality). Evaluated by the rigorous international standards of ExxonMobil, it has one of the best Mobil lubricant analysis laboratories in the world, which demonstrates its excellence.


Therefore, the international recognition of the advanced technology of the Mobil brand lubricants is enriched by a high level and well trained team, operating a responsible and reliable industrial unit which uses the latest technology and demands of the market.