Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento


Technological leadership is one of the Mobil brand of lubricants commitments. The essence that makes the products so innovative and special can be found in the unique work by EMRE (Exxon Mobil Research & Engineering), the ExxonMobil research company located in Paulsboro, New Jersey, in the United States.

Its tea of top level engineers and scientists, formed by professionals holding PhDs and partnerships with renowned American universities is dedicated to the continual advancement of Mobil lubricants. More than just following tendencies and meeting the needs of new equipment, they development state of the art technology and formulations that exceed expectations.    

The “birth” of a lubricant

Each lubricant formula created by the EMRE scientists is already born a “champion”, chosen from among many others and submitted to exhaustive tests before becoming a final product. The lubricant protecting an automobile’s engine today, for example, was part of a wider collection of formulas, which were intensely studied, developed, measured and evaluated until the version bringing together the best characteristics and results was chosen.   

The time for introducing a lubricant on the market varies in accordance with the field testing period, which depends on the exchange cycles of the oil load used in determined equipment – as it is when changing the oil after use that the product and its performance (wear, deposits, energy saving etc.) are evaluated. Only after screening by the researchers can the best formulation reach the shelves.   

Uniting knowledge from various areas such as Chemistry, Mechanics and Tribology etc. with practical experience in various applications of lubricants – whether automotive or industrial – we can say that the creation of new products covers a series of activities:   

·       Creation of innovative molecular structures for base oils;   

·       Evaluation and development of additives that provide the specifications for meeting the needs of the market for each one of our lubricants;   

·       Monitoring of the needs of the market, new specifications, the requirements of equipment manufacturers, and the development of state of the art products;   

·       Formulating and conducting performance tests – in the laboratory and in the client’s real applications – in order to ensure that our products meet or exceed all of the requirements of the equipment manufacturer and consumers. The idea is to have a quality reserve, i.e. to be above the expected performance for each application;

·       Technological update so that new products are continually launched.   

Curiosity: In Brazil, Moove operates in partnership with the EMRE as a benchmark for the development of the typical milling equipment used in sugar and alcohol production plants - as well as new motorcycle lubricant specifications.   


Lubricant represents less than 1% of the total costs of the operation, but impacts this cost in a significant manner, and may influence the working life of equipment. This is where preventive maintenance becomes important, using state of the art products with the support of highly qualified lubricant engineering – all working together for more productivity and economy.   

Tools with the objective of increasing the productivity of our clients are available through the OilXplorer services platform developed by Moove. One of these services is the analysis of the oils used, through which it is possible to monitor the various aspects of the operational condition of the equipment, including wear. The OilXplorer platform serves to support client maintenance areas in increasing the productive life of their equipment, supplying important information for more efficient and intelligent maintenance. This service further contributes to tracing the profile of wear in machines and foreseeing damage and breakdowns, among other utilities. Find out more at