Mobil is the pioneer brand in innovation and technology and it is globally present, always seeking new strategic partnerships to boost even more its offer to customers.



The Bosch Service / Mobil partnership brings you an innovative and extremely convenient concept of service: all services in one place!   

Now, in addition to counting on the high quality services that the Bosch Car Service offers at each of its more than 1000 workshops spread throughout Brazil, you will also find the technology of Mobil products to take care of your vehicle with excellence.

Good for the Bosch reseller, good for Mobil and excellent for you.   



Mobil has made a successful partnership with Bridgestone Bandag to attend to owners of trucks, buses and fleets of vehicles.     

With a high standard of service, the BTS Network offers you’re the services of 128 franchisees, totaling more than 1300 employees that service more than 28,000 truck drivers per month. These figures inspire confidence and show why the BTS Network is the largest service center for trucks and buses in Brazil.   

If you seek the best products and services for your vehicle, discover the quality of Mobil lubricants at BTS workshops.


The partnership with Carrefour gas stations had begun in 2016 and it is responsible for the supply of lubricants in more than 70 units and offers to the customer exclusive service and differentiated offering.



The alliance between the Mobil brand and Caterpillar, the largest global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, began in 1987 and involves the exclusive supply of 33 lubricants belonging to the Caterpillar brand. The products cover high performance lubricant solutions destined to Caterpillar factories and resellers in more than 125 countries. The collaboration in the development of world class products led to the creation of high performance lubricant technology in order to contribute to the reduction of operational costs.    


The significant presence in the scooter segment requires differentiated protection due to the transmission mechanism specification that is why Dafra relies on Mobil technology both in the supply of new motorcycles and replenishment at its dealers' network. 


All Ford vehicles leave the factory filled with Mobil technology. Since 2015, Mobil has been named the supplier of Motorcraft lubricants, which are used by Ford dealers on the replenishment.


It is a partnership based on the supply of products for the network of truck dealers. Mobil lubricant has the world's most advanced synthetic technology to provide fuel economy, performance and protection.


In partnership since 2013, Moove has become GM's main partner by supplying the lubricants “Peças Genuínas GM” to new manufactured cars and to aftermarket (dealers). The supply includes lubricants for engines, automatic and manual transmission, power steering and greases.


Due to a long-standing partnership, Honda and Mobil were pioneers in producing the first lubricant specially made for 4-stroke motorcycles engines. The product was introduced in Brazil long before JASO (Japan Standard Organization) had established the parameters and specifications for protection of engine/transmission/gears set, in 1978, two years after the company had installed his motorcycle factory in the country. Currently, Mobil and Honda have a Cobrand product,  Mobil Super Moto Authentic 10w-30, the only one recommended by the manufacturer.


Recognized by using the highest technology, Kawasaki chose Mobil to ensure the performance of its engines that operate in extreme conditions, such as the H2 model that uses compressor engineering from the aviation industry generating a superior starting power and consequently an operation at higher temperature and rotation requiring a high-performance lubricant. 



This is a long term partnership, both in the joint development of new technologies as well as the supply of products for the networks of truck and car dealerships. A good example of this partnership are the AMG line vehicles that already leave the factory with Mobil 1, the most advanced synthetic product in the world. 



Michelin is constantly attentive to the needs of its consumers. Therefore, the company is now one of the world leaders in tires and has a network of 350 authorized resellers throughout Brazil. Michelin improves its supply of products and services every day for your satisfaction, and you can also count on a network of partners such as Mobil, which always offers the best on the market. It’s this extensive and high quality partnership that we bring to you, with the commitment of always providing the best manner of going further.    


In 2013, the launch of the partnership with Nissan had focus on the Frontier pickup line. After years focusing on this product, the partnership has extended and currently Nissan authentic oils are provided for all cars.

Oficina Brasil


With the Oficina Brasil / Mobil partnership, you can be sure of finding the technology of our products aligned with excellence in the provision of services from a reliable network.  

Present in 11 States, Oficina Brasil offers you the convenience of more than 60 units and the quality of 1200 employees carrying out repair services on more than 700 vehicles every day!

The network’s greatest differential is the complete service, conducted in a differentiated environment with products that guarantee satisfaction. And, to make you even more satisfied, Oficina Brasil recommends its franchisees to work with the entire Mobil family, guaranteeing vehicles the most advanced technology in lubrication. 



In a successful partnership for more than 15 years throughout the world, Porsche has passed the impressive mark of 1 million vehicles leaving its factory with Mobil 1 lubricant. In addition to the exclusive recommendation to use Mobil 1 stated in the owner’s manual and all of the automaker’s dealerships, the global alliance with the Mobil brand also covers joint efforts in the development of advanced lubrication technologies aimed at protecting and optimizing the high performance of Porsche engines.   



A manufacturer of French origin, at its factory in Porto Real, RJ, PSA produces the Peugeot and Citroen brands. The strategic alliance with this important manufacturer includes the joint development of new lubricant technology, and the first oil filling of all motors and transmissions for vehicles produced in Brazil uses Mobil products.   


It is a partnership based on the supply of products for the network of truck dealers. The lubricant Scania Oil produced by Mobil has the DNA of the most advanced synthetic product of the world to provide the largest oil drain interval and fuel economy with maximum performance and protection.



One of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world, Sinotruk decided to use Mobil lubricants in Brazil to ensure the durability of its engines. When arriving in the country, Sinotruk adopted a prestige brand, consolidated internationally through the Mobil Delvac product line, the best-selling brand worldwide for diesel powered commercial vehicles.    

In relation to lubricant technology, Mobil products were approved and adjusted to Brazilian conditions in order to provide better performance and protection of Sinotruck trucks. 

In addition to the guarantee of a global brand, the reputation of Mobil services and the post-sales support of the dealership network made a difference. A dedicated Mobil team works on offering focused growth for the Sinotruk Parts division, supported by promotion and marketing activities and the strength of the Mobil Delvac brand.   




Mobil has established a relationship with an important partner in the automotive segment: the South Korean automaker SsangYong, through Districar, the brand’s exclusive importer in Brazil. With a differentiated position in the market, its new generation diesel motors require an advanced product, such as Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30. In addition to the supply of lubricants, the 53 SsangYong dealers throughout Brazil will receive technical training with our lubrication engineers. An alliance of state of the art technology in which everyone wins. Especially you!   

Suzuki Motorcycles


Recognized for being a significant part of the high-capacity motorcycles segment, Suzuki Motos only recommends Mobil lubricants line for all their motorcycles marketed in Brazil. 

Suzuki Vehicles


In May 2010, Suzuki and Moove joined forces and experiences for the joint development of the market for its vehicles and lubricants. The synergy of the Suzuki and Mobil brands, recognized for advanced technology, shares a public interested in improved performance, fuel savings and a reduction in pollutant gas emissions. The brand’s advertising and the Post-Sales differentiation are the pillars of this alliance, which is starting to make its mark.     



The partnership began in Brazil in 1998 and since more than 25 million liters of Toyota Genuino Motor Oil has been commercialized at the automaker’s dealerships in the country. This is a sold and long term alliance with one of the largest global vehicle manufacturers, which includes the joint development of technologies capable of rendering awards for excellence to the Mobil brand. This is the case of the “Toyota Technical R&R Award”, won in 1997 and 2011.


The sales leader in Brazil and in the world produces the most modern engines at its factory in São Carlos, State of São Paulo. The strategic alliance with this major manufacturer includes the development of new technologies for lubricants and the use of Mobil technology for the first filling of the engines of all vehicles produced in Brazil.