Innovative solutions


The mining industry plays a large part in the industrial scenario and is also one of the industries which presents the most challenges with regard to lubrication systems. With applications at high temperatures and heavy loads, mining engineers often face the most severe operational consequences.

By working together with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we have developed a comprehensive line of innovative lubricants for the mining industry. Mobil products meet, and even surpass, the performance specifications of major OEMs.

Mobil lubricants are designed to help maintain the availability of the extraction, processing, and transport equipment, as well as to prolong their useful lives in all applications.

In an industry where success and profitability depend on the movement of many tons per hour, unexpected downtime caused by lubrication problems cannot be allowed to happen.

The Mobil brand provides innovative synthetic and conventional lubricants, and provides expert advice to help maximize the performance of all applications.